CSM5 Schedule

The following is my schedule for summer and CSM5:

June ’10: This month will be used to make my musical direction more concrete. This will be done by experimenting with different styles and moods of music till a good working method is created. This month will also be used to brush up my technical skills; instrument wise and software wise.

July – September ’10: These 2 months will be used for writing tracks. I will set myself the project of completing a track a week. This should produce roughly 8 tracks by the end of this period. These tracks should form the foundations of my CSM5 project. This time period will also be used to experiment with creating maxmsp patches which will also form part of my project.

September 6-10 ’10: This is a period of summer school at the uni. This amongst the activities of the summer school will be a time for feedback on what I have produced to date.

September – October ’10: Adjustments to my work based on the feedback from the previous week will be carried out. My max patch should be nearing it’s first draft also. It will be a time for fine tuning the arrangement of the pieces. Ideas for packaging and video composition will be sketched out here. 

October – December ’10: This will be a time of collaboration, mainly in the studio with other musicians (If needed), making the final cuts of the mini album.

December ’10: This will be a period of completing artwork, software, video edits. 

January – February ’10: This will be the final phase of mixing and mastering the tracks. I will listen every few days to the tracks to find ways for them to be improved (If needed) and the said adjustments will be made. The max patch will be turned into a stand alone application at this point. The menu screen for the cd/dvd will also be designed and completed in this time. The last 2 weeks will be spent on providing the finishing touches to all aspects of the project.


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