Work Experience

For my work experience I did a day (so far, more to come) at G39 in Cardiff.It was done on the 22/04/10. It is an art gallery dedicated to showcasing rising artists so that they can make an impression in the art scene. The galleries are open to the public for free and are volunteer driven. The exhibitions house many types of art from sculpture to film to sound art. 

My job consisted of invigilating, which consisted of manning the front desk, greeting viewers, checking the cctv and any potential sales. 

The gallery is funded by the Lottery arts funding and the arts council wales.

The show that was on while I was there was called “Shortcuts” with the premise being pieces inspired by the film Shortcuts. The said film is said to be non-linear. There were 4 artists featured: Tim Freeman (Used composite photos to depict an amalgamation of modern structures and nature), Rick Niebe (Created a looped film of the film The Big Sleep), Lisa Stansbie (Created sculptures out of airfix model pieces with photographic work of the same) and Henry Gwiazda (Used CGI technology to depict mundane events). 

There is a section of the gallery dedicated to Warp, which is the Wales Artist Resource Program. This is a program that creates a space for artists to use to produce work and also provides resources such as personal advising, resource books etc.

It was a great experience to have. It felt good to contribute to expanding culture in some way. I will be doing more shortly. There are some spaces left in May.

The following are some pictures from my desk.



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