The Liberation Of Sound – Edgard Varese (A.C.)

– Redefined music as “organized sound.”

– When these sound-masses collide, the phenomena of penetration or repulsion will seem to occur. Certain transmutations taking place on certain planes will seem to be projected onto other planes, moving at different speeds and at different angles. There will no longer be the old conception of melody or interplay of melodies. The entire work will be a melodic totality. The entire work will flow like a river flows.

– We have actually 3 dimensions in music: horizontal, vertical, and dynamic swelling or decreasing. I shall add a 4th, sound projection.

– Uses space to create effects. “Zones of intensities,” which create different effects in our perceptions. Music as a 3D process.

– Electronics is an additive, not a destructive, factor in the art and science of music.

– Best definition of music: The corporealization of the intelligence that is in sound.” 

– Musician is “a worker in rhythms, frequencies, and intensities.”

– “In my own works I have always felt the need of new mediums of expression….which can lend themselves to every expression of thought and can keep up with thought.”


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