The Joys Of Noise – Henry Cowell (A.C.)

– Russolo offered a largely historical argument in favour of noise, embodying the Futurist idea that speed, power, and noise will progressively overtake music and art traditionally conceived.

– It presents a deconstruction of the binary opposition between music and noise, arguing that the latter is always contained in the former. 

– Rhythm is a conception, not a physical reality.

– Sound and rhythm thus are the primary musical elements, sound comprising all that can be heard, and rhythm the formulating impulse behind the sound.

– Tone = sound produced by periodic vibration.

– Noise = sound produced by non-priodic vibration.

– …there is a noise element in the very tone itself of all our musical instruments.

– As musical sound grows louder, the noise in it is accentuated and the tone element reduced.

– ….the emotions are aroused by musical noise and lulled by musical tone.


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