Listening For Silence: Notes On The Aural Life – Mark Slouka

– Music is the stuff between the notes. – Debussey.

– …silence, like light or love, requires a medium to give it meaning, takes on the colour of its host, adapts easily to our fears and needs. Quite apart from whether we seek or shun it, silence orchestrates the music of our days.

– The aural Universe is more invasive and subtle.

– We hear in our sleep. There is no aural equivalent for the eyelid.

– Silence, requisite for the forming of self.

– Silence reminds me of death.

– Silence a tool of repression. 

– …..the artist, in his or her minutes and seconds, attempts to say – to paint, to carve; in sum to communicate – what ultimately cannot be communicated.

– …if silence is the enemy of art, it’s also it’s motivation and medium.

– Silence is the only voice of our God.

– ….most of the noises we hear are the noises of buying and selling.


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