The main works that have influenced my musical direction through my critical research are The Mysticism of Sound and Music by Hazrat Inayat Khan and The World is Sound By Joachim-Ernst Berendt.

These books have shown me how important sound and music is. This is mostly out of it’s power as a creative force. Nada Bhrama, which can be translated to “God is Sound.” As a consequence of this realization, I am going to make sure that what I create is beautiful and beneficial to the human race in some way. These books have also stressed how big a role harmony plays in the world, that the world move to harmony, so good harmony will also play an important part in my musical creation. Khan highlights the importance of rhythm, basically saying that all things in life have a rhythm. This has made me want to pay attention to the rhythms all around us, which I will incorporate into my work.

Post-Humanism has given me a model of the world which I really like, in that it proposes art as an energetic transfer between artist and perceiver which has made me want to put all of my being into what I want to do.

The music I have listened to, like John Martyn has produced such a beautiful aesthetic effect within me that I feel inspired to also make music which moves people powerfully.


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