To make music that explores and expands consciousness. That of the composer and that of the listener.


To use music as a tool to create definite experiences for the listener. Every parameter of music will be explored and its effects noted.

To explore music in a way that is similar to that of aim of the mysteries.

To learn and understand the very fundamentals of musical theory.

To explore all the technical aspects of music production till I obtain a deep understanding of the said area.

To play the piano, drums, guitar and bass to the best of my potential.

To develop my voice till it can be used as an instrument in its own right.

To write the perfect pop song.

To create music to the best of my potential.

To explore sound and its nature in all its forms.

To listen to and understand every type and style of music.

To turn my music into effective multimedia performances when required.

To make my music an expression of my soul.



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