Welcome  to the research blog of Crystallinesphere.

Crystallinesphere is an alter-ego created by Andrew Price to explore music and sound to it’s fullest. This blog forms part of my university module for CSM4 hosted by the University of Wales, Newport.

Included in this blog is information pertaining to the following areas:

A Project Proposal: Outlining my intended project for CSM5.

Music Business: Research into the various facets of music business.

Critical Research: Research into the many theories underlining musical practice.

Market Research: A look into the market that my music will be aimed at.

CSM5 Schedule: The schedule for my upcoming project.

Work Experience: An account of my period of work experience.

CSM6 Promo and Tech: An account of my involvement in the 3rd year show.

Website Development:  Detailing the development of my artist website.

The blog intends to show the progress and development of my musical project through it’s various stages from conception to completion.


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